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User Generated Content (UGC)

NEWS TODAY is now offering a User Generated Content (UGC) submission desk to help in sharing content from our audience.

Our aim is to be an all-inclusive site, open to everyone and offering an equal opportunity to everyone who wishes to share their content in our site to our ever growing global audience.

Copyright ownership

For all the UGC, the owner maintains full copyright and can request it’s removal at their discretion, and so neither NEWS TODAY nor ONE INCLUSIVE (our parent company) owns it, only having your consent on using it in our site and sharing it to the world.

What we’re looking for

We’re open to all kinds of content from newsworthy to entertainment. This includes videos, text or photos which either tells a story, inspires, educates, includes some DIY hacks and tricks, funny videos, weird stuff and anything in between that is engaging.

Compensation for the content

We’re not currently offering monetary compensation.

Instead, we’re going to include your bio, social media and website links (if any) to redirect our audience to your social accounts and blogs if interested in learning more about you.

The content will remain permanent in our website for as long as our site remains active, until the owner requests its removal, if there’ll come such a time.

In near future, we hope to do more than that and maybe offer monetary compensation, among other benefits.

How to submit

To submit your content, please get in touch with us through email at:

Please include the following:

  • Brief description of yourself and content you wish to share.
  • Your content.
  • Social links and blog (if any).
  • Subject title should be User Generated Content or just UGC to prioritize your email.

How to get your content published at NEWS TODAY

  • Submit original content – All submitted content should be original from the person submitting it and not available anywhere else online. This is to prevent copyright infringement claims from third parties.
  • No mature content – NEWS TODAY has a policy that prohibits mature content from our site.
  • Engaging – Make sure your content is engaging.

NEWS TODAY reserves the right to reject any submitted content due to any of the above reasons or other without explanation.

Truth behind the many global happenstances explained, and hints on the "BIG SHOW." Be informed by EM KHEI's website.
Truth behind the many global happenstances explained, and hints on the "BIG SHOW." Be informed by EM KHEI's website.
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