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EM KHEI is the shadow behind NEWS TODAY. After studying journalism, he fell in love with creative writing, where he started writing down his own life’s journey in an autobiography titled MY TRUE STORY.

His aim of launching NEWS TODAY was/is to help man (not related to gender) be in the know of what’s happening around him by giving everyone access to all the global headlines and top stories, as well as entertainment stories that matter to them.

It’s through this desire to help people know and understand the world around them that prompted him in writing contentious literature materials which are currently available on AMAZON.

The contents of these books will be confusing to some, educative and informative to others, unethical and provocative to majority, but it should be noted that these materials are based on real events and facts, including some approved occurrences (don’t ask by who), some of which are currently beginning to materialize in the world, and others on the way.

Readers are advised to read these materials with an open mind, because it’s only through doing so, that a greater understanding of what’s really going on in the world can be comprehended.

A true story account of the author. While the true identity of the author and his life is irrelevant, the material holds the foundation to the other 4 books that follow.
Everything has a start and an end. With the present world conditions and chaos, in the end, order shall prevail. But not without compromises.
The darkest night precedes the dawning of a new day. The present world chaos and tensions are only for a limited time. Something NEW is in the making.
You can be very talented, but once incorporated with greed, it becomes poison. This book gives some answers to the many unexplained experiences of a specific target group in fame, and reveals the many illusions that revolve around the world of fame. This’ the first book in the “NO STONE WILL BE LEFT UNTURNED” series. Also known as CELEBRITIOSIS.
The Powers That Control The World Are LOVING To ALL, But Are RUTHLESS To The Ignorant.
When “hell” becomes the reality of the world, then man will discover the uselessness of his present-held beliefs, perceptions and the like, and awaken to the unified power of the human race, where personal interests are never observed, only the common good. A new day is dawning. The whole world will shake once the “BIG SHOW” begins and no one will be spared; No stone will be left standing at its place.

We can liken what’s coming as the “General Cleaning of the House” before we can welcome in “visitors.” Second book in the a fore mentioned series.
Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a developmental disability that can cause significant social, communication and behavioral challenges.…. This’ a fictionalized true story that will leave you wondering; W.T.F? First book in “Animal Kingdom” series.

Some of these materials are preparatory for what’s ahead in the world and humanity’s affairs. Through the reference of the BIG SHOW in majority of these materials (exempting the last one), readers are advised not to make sudden conclusions because there’s still much to be discovered.

The author (EM KHEI) refrains from identifying what the BIG SHOW really is, but leaves the reader to ponder on the subject, encouraging them (readers) to stay vigilant and aware of what’s happening in their immediate world.

However, the materials contain numerous clues and encoded messages, which if clearly comprehended, can be of great value to the reader.

In a divided world, only true understanding and sincere care (avoiding the word “love” on purpose), will liberate man. Forge forth in your daily life knowing that you’re not alone, and have never been.

Fear Nothing, I ▲m The One.


Truth behind the many global happenstances explained, and hints on the "BIG SHOW." Be informed by EM KHEI's website.
Truth behind the many global happenstances explained, and hints on the "BIG SHOW." Be informed by EM KHEI's website.
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